Art by Other Artists

This is, of course, where I will showcase the art created for me by others, and also the art that I've created for others.

First up, take a peek at some of the ways that the FFC characters have been depicted in other's styles.

These are listed in the order that I recieved them, oldest comming first. Newer images will be down further. (this makes sure the older ones gets seen too *cackle*) Mouse over images to read a bit about that picture. Creator is listed underneath.

A pic of Ry looking all badass. A hint of what's to come!

Jamie of Jamie and Nick

 A cute image of Ry and Katyn


 Image of Liss fighting a character from Vastar. Done for a Drunkduck contest

Knuckles of Vastar

 An image of Ry in a really great style. (love his expression)

 Stonefur Wolf of Evilish

 Ry unlocks the mysteries of 'Jelly'

 Jamie of Jamie and Nick

 Another shot of badass Ry. Wouldn't wanna cross him!

 Narddude of Nardmanga

 Ry in his element. Just give him a sword and let him go!

 Zoe Stead of Earthbound

 An even bigger clue of what's to come

 Seigneur Ruei of Treasure Hunters

 A pic of Ry and Katyn, ready for battle!

 Guendolen of Zantaros

 A simply stunning image of Ry with beautiful lighting

 Stonefur Wolf of Evilish

 A fun, intruiging pic of Katyn

 Guendolen of Zantaros

 Just a really beautiful image of Katyn. Wonderful pose and expression

 Tyndal of Strangekith

 A little bit of Katyn's wild side!

 Zoe Stead of Earthbound

 An incredible rendering of ALL of the thieves! Set a few years into the future

 Zoe Stead of Earthbound

 A beautifully stylized picture of Ry, Katyn and Chaerius taking a break

 Ernie Won of The Messenger

 For all you Elrek fans out there, here's a great image of him! Just for you ;)

 Zoe Stead of Earthbound

 Jerrome and Tara, two of the thieves, all done up for halloween!

 Catastrofee of Inkspot Fancy

Some surprising and amusing new threads for Ry and Katyn.

Guendolen of Zantaros


Some surprising and amusing new threads for Ry and Katyn.

Guendolen of Zantaros

Some surprising and amusing new threads for Ry and Katyn.


Some surprising and amusing new threads for Ry and Katyn.




Fanart done by Dragonsong12

Here's some fan art that I've done for other comics, check 'em out! Most of these are worth a visit or 20 ;) As with the others, these are in the order I made them, oldest first.

Chaerius visits Jamie and Nick!

Our own Chaerius of FFC pays a visit to the set of
Jamie and Nick to wish them a happy 1st birthday as a webcomic!

Yog's Bad Day

A single-frame fan comic for
The Polygon Reports' 100th strip!


A peice of fanart for
Treasure Hunters as part of an art exchange.

Movie Poster?

Another bit of fanart done for Jamie and Nick done for an art exchange.

The Ultimate Stalemate?

Has Chaerius met his match in a single-frame fight comic against
Ghost Cat?
created for the Drunk Duck fight contest mentioned above

Asa Kaai

A rendtion of the awesome kickass priest from
Nardmanga in my own style.

Ridley and Farial

Vastar's Drow thieves, Ridley, and his young friend .


The draconic side-kick with feathered wings and lots of fun bright colors from


Tephras, one of the many incredible demons haunting Zoe Stead's
Earthbound! If you're intruiged by my image, you should check it out. My style doesn't do her wrok justice! ^_^

The messenger

The three main characters from the comic
The Messenger . I love Dean ^_^


Silas Green

The demon main character of the comic
Earthbound in my own take on a rather intruiging twist of the story.



Also from Earthbound, the angel of death

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